Saturday, September 11, 2021

Choice Bits (a continuing series)

Cassette cover design by Joseph Keppler, photo by Neil D. Novello

Within the context of the literary world, living as I thought I would, in constant creative mode, a little crazy, I went to the beach to clear my head. The whoosh of the ocean, the smooth waves, a crispness like turning pages of the family Bible. While I was changing residences I paused reading, but now I’m back at it. 

Here are some choice bits from the immersion más rápido: 

it’s hard to get lost

with the same stores

on every block. 

(From “Enough Silence”)

Whatever state you are, I’ll be that state’s bird.

No border town is anything but a border town.

Young enough to think desire alone shapes the world.

Tables flipping, chips flying, kung fu breaking out all over the place.

A leading man trapped in the body of an extra.

There are violins playing. The violins are on fire—
they are passed around until we’re all smoking…

I put Mom and Dad in charge of balloons
let them blow as many years of my brother’s names,
jails, twenty-dollar bills, midnight phone calls,
fistfights, and ER visits as they could let go of…

(From “No More Cake Here”)

That might have gone on for a long time—even forever, or the equivalent.

The best part of America is the junk food.

Eliza forces a smile, one that makes her look like a wolf with a facial tic or a violent offender.

my dad’s girlfriend was short, like a broken tree trunk.

my skin itched like there were little tiny ants carrying sticks of fire and doing somersaults and cartwheels all over my body.

[the girls] had stubby necks that reminded me of how my Barbies looked after I snapped their heads off and then screwed them tightly back in.

“shop our way to sustainability”

“chronic relapse”

Psyops is all about unusual thinking, man. We want ideas blown up right to where they’re gonna pop. We’re on the cutting edge of reality itself. Right where it turns into a dream.

 “souvenir ethics”

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  1. Always look forward to "Choice Bits". Making a note on the following: Rick Synder, and Jenny Zhang entries.

    In the last Choice Bits, I think, was a quote from Meridel LeSueur. I looked her up and found interview with her from Access TV in Minnesota Digital Library...

  2. Oh, yes thanks for the credit on the photo...

  3. Thanks for the link. I look forward to learning more about Ms. LeSueur. Also, Jenny Zhang has a cynical worldview that I find compelling, plus she has a great sense of humor and writes quite well.