Saturday, September 18, 2021

Crib Notes

I performed heart bypass surgery on my dog
Using new wave practices I'm super excited about,
Guided by a video on YouTube.
Jessie was my surgical assistant,
Kirby was the technologist,
D.J. was the nurse, R. J. his twin was the radiographer,
And Vanna was the anesthesiologist.
The operating table was 
Four by eight,
A sheet of plywood
Atop four Burro brand sawhorses.
Important safeguards
Were in place, though we were shy
Certain mission critical tools and systems.

We launched a Zoom event,
All trompe l’oeil and fin du monde.
But the connection was unstable,
Cutting in and out,
Kinda slud my mind off the edge of reality,
Causing my dog's intestines to glitch out elaborately.
And then somebody called the health department.
I’m a very time sensitive guy.
I grew up in a token-defined community
Like any chainbased artist
Ready for the spotlight.
Maybe that shows a cultural bias,
A kind of privilege around a kind of whatever.
I totally feel bad.



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  1. Thanks for laughing! I'm not pleased with the title; if you have a suggestion for a replacement, I'd sure consider it.

  2. Maybe a possible title change: "I Got This", "Working Together", "Personal Best", "Low Skill, High Tech?"