Friday, September 24, 2021

Reclaiming the Old World

Here’s the thing for me:
The question no one is asking--
And just to let you know--
What we used to do, we used to--
And not to say that we won’t again--
But the question everyone wants answered is
How in blazes?

So what I’ve sort of started to do
If something’s like too
The world at large?
To where I find myself 
Cockcrow crazy
In a gift card snafu
And it loops back?

Right? The parking ticket,
Then Starbucks screwed up my order,
Like pelicans looking down their noses at me,
Then the nutcase in the checkout line at the dollar store,
Like sap seeping slo-mo at the home for old utility poles,
Then the bitch at the register at the Mexican market,
Degree from UC Bovine?

Is I’ve started to actually take a minute,
You know like,
God’s still on the throne,
You know what I’m saying?
Does that make sense?
The people you love.
Do it for them.


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  1. A dark funny rant. The energy level in the two previous poems (Climate Change & Crib Notes) as well as this one is lighting high.

    Great supporting photos for the three new poems as well.

    Go Man Go...

  2. Thank you. The photo is of the "mothballed" nuclear power plant on the Pacific Ocean shore between San Clemente and Oceanside. It's been "decommissioning" since 2013; there's nowhere else anymore on God's green Earth to dump the nuclear waste, so it sits.