Saturday, October 30, 2021

Concrete Blueprint


It’s not only the Legion of Indecency
Comin’ thru the rye
Going through the grieving process
Or going through the trash bins,
Nineteen to the dozen.
It’s not only the hearings being held,
The little somethings being slid, 
Lobos howling sincerest condolences remotely,
Contemplatives raging on the blockchain.

And it’s not just a hype cycle of traffic en masse,
A bunch of bare URLs suffering link rot,
Inventors stripped naked of their patents,
Doctors stripped naked of their patients,
Custody battles waged between new music lovers--
Don’t say hi wear pitted against
I’m not talking to you wear
During monitored visitations.
No, the bigger story would be

We’re now learning three lines of code
More valuable than the GDP of most countries
Is what it’s gonna take
To bring this thing 
Down a bar or two.
Seems like everyone needs
The miracle healing crusade ware,
Even the fully vaccinated:  
You don’t know where they’ve been.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. Not sure I follow all of it. Yet, I like the imagery and cadence.

  2. Thank you. Yes, it could use some pruning.