Friday, October 29, 2021

Half and Half


You know I mean look.
Light carbon footprint, light digital footprint,
Sitting around on my gain of function,
Double or nothing to do.
People float by fishing 
From the highest number
Of hot air balloons 
Since last February.
Too much salt candy,
Too few layers of sun block,
Belt three sizes too big 
But still wrapped around the state of Arkansas.

I guess what I’m thinking is
Unlimited free shipping
Is core to a healthy model.
Positively ideal.
The best mistakes to learn from are the mistakes made by other people.
Easy returns are a sexy fever dream.
Great gifts make memorable holidays.
Disturbed people are not endearing. Disturbed people are disturbed.
Without a frame there would be no window.
Projects with deadlines furthest into the future,
Half brick and mortar, half cyberspace,
Have the best chances for on-time completion.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. Witty. Sardonic. The more I re-read the more I like it. "Unlimited free shipping Is the core of healthy model" stood out. In fact the second graph is gem worthy.