Saturday, October 9, 2021

Statements Taken at the Scene

How many were there?

Two tillers, a teller, a ten o’clock sculler,
Speaking Russian, too, or Spanish, one,
(With Chinese and Arabic subtitles).
Plus, a rapper, a ripper, a bagger, a tagger
And more than a few antibodies dressed in gaming gear,
Ballers, bipoc and white, alike,
Feral hypertrophy winners,
And an orbital sander crying for its mama.

Which way did they go?

Toward the tsunami hazard zone
Where the reversible pier
Goes over the saltwater marsh
Near the mothballed nuclear power plant.
I mean listen.
Let’s be honest.
I love the notion of casino night
But there never was a where.

Did you notice anything else?

Yes I noticed how funny I felt,
Like an Uzbek hikkomori based in Ottawa,
Or a chief public policy officer
Emerging from the margins
To subvert the colonialist order of modernity
Only to be confounded by range of motion issues
While staggering into minimalism
Because there was no 7-Eleven nearby.




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  1. Surreal, Funny, me completely different format...

  2. You're right, it is different. Thank you for noticing. I hope to produce a few more differently-formatted pieces in the near future.