Friday, October 8, 2021

Thoughtful Inquiry

You know we have a little bit of time left,
The horses are being loaded into the starting gate
In recondite fashion,
And here’s why that’s so
Ultra super important.

I just wanted to interrogate the idea of
Molecular cis-acting regulatory RNA sequencers
Coming out of nowhere and at twice the speed of sound
Which woulda blew up the whole Roswell thing,
Defcon to Dari-Delite.

But the volcano imposed an early curfew.
Zeno’s paradox kept me half the distance to the goal line,
And I’m not blue enough to sing the blues.
My real name is only just now taking effect
Like a full moon emerging from the clouds.

Have you ever seen a meme walking?
There’s four of them went in together
On what’s more and more starting
To look like it’s going to be a kind of
Screened at Cannes power grab of sorts.

But you know the thing is
Is the more they jiggle the camera,
Marx once quipped
With lens firmly in cheek,
The more trending it all is.

So me I’m kind of staying on the low end of high
Performance, publishing my passions,
“Mistakes in real time” per Patricia Lockwood.
Sincere condolences for the direct eye contact
But, how do you expect the markets to react?

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. The picture is Joe Pine?

    If there's a way to take your poem and get video of Joe Pine and dub the poem coming from him while lighting a cigarette and talking.

    Very good! Surreal. Witty. Alice in Wonderland meets Luis Bunuel.

  2. Thanks. Yes, Joe Pyne. He was one of my first media role models.