Saturday, October 16, 2021

Where's Home?


Out of her longtang,
Out of her hood,
Out of her vecindad,
Using altar cloths to wipe down cars
Like horses. At the end of the day,
On the way to the TV that feels like home,
The bus rolls by the dream factory that brought you
Happy Hayes the Tail Up Dog!

Let’s kinda talk about her ex
To the teenager she then was,
A total mystery.
And then the man she left him for,
X to the second power.
The human part of animal is all but gone
By the time you’re living by the creek.
The nights are oddly themed.

Now every next morning, fugacious,
Where she live at.
New sign: Keep Gate Locked.
Helicopter rattles the house
Which rattles the stove top
Which rattles the burner covers.
Thank God for school meal programs.
Take care the children.

This Good Joe Fox America Today and Morning
Proving you must not really understand pressure
Until you’ve been on national television.
Swooning over war criminals.
Ellen and Jimmy will show you how.
So screw your courage to the media hitching post.
Get Clorox clean in minutes.
Or they’ll send you back.




© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. I was moved by this; the imagery & commentary about identity & recognition through media. This poem along with: Spanish 23:59 8/20/21, Influencer 5/29/21, The Internet The More You Get from Life 8/7/21 & Adventurers is Unstoppable, 5?15/21 and Hailing. 2/13/21. This collection could be a chapter for the next book about "dealing with life" as show business.

    There's a Medium Cool quality referring to the black fellow who looks into the camera and talks "about the guy who shoots somebody, the cats is now somebody on the 5, 6 11 o'clock news."

  2. Thank you for your comment about the piece, as well as your idea for a book chapter--saves me a lot of work LOL.