Friday, November 26, 2021

Aztecs Mindset Ahead of Thursday’s Opener Against Wildcats

We sort of explained it a little bit,
The way coach outsourced the defensive line:
To stay in the game, you have to play the game.
Counterfactual precedes collaboration,
Proving there’s more than one Ouija board
Dancing down a spiral staircase.
We will have our certainty and eat it too!

The handwriting is on the wall,
A beach hazard statement
Contained in the answers to last week’s puzzle,
And makes experimental not-for-sale,
Not-safe-for-work, and non-fungible-token 
Art in the Côte d’Ivoire
Sound like just the thing.

A very very flowing thing
Not umbilically corded to any raison d'être
But making very very special history
And presenting in quite italic coding
Very very much the story.
You know what they say,
Love the treason, hate the traitor.

Big butt, big heart.
So turn your farts into rewards.
Feel free to grab a nug.
Stay connected to everywhere.
There is no late when there is no now.
Absence is not a plaything.
Until it’s not on NatGeo nobody will believe it anyhow.


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  1. Not sure I follow it. The last graph are the standout. There's something sardonic about it. Are we a little pissy off?

  2. Sorry pissed off. and bad verb, "is the standout"

  3. Everybody around here is down on San Diego State University just because they had a disappointing year in football. The Aztec mindset might have crept in.