Saturday, November 27, 2021

Boiling an Egg

but mira.
It’s getting to the point where
Why don’t you pick up 
Where you left off 
Two hours ago?
Is there insurance for feelings?
How about a ruptured episteme?

So I told them.
I’ll be honest with you.
I’m flat cut out for it.
I mean I’m committed to the idea
Of the perfect tee
In size you
And an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

But dark eloquent mornings
Fall on the poor and the rich alike,
Artists as their studios sit for them
Waiting for the sun to rise.
And that huge of an assertion,
That strong of a current, 
That south of a swell,

At this moment's exchange rate,
Delivers euphoric effects.
In less time than it takes 
To boil an egg,
As I’m about to illustrate.
They’re like What?
I’m all it’s your journey.

And don’t repeat this but
Soft and runny have never tasted so good!
So point of order.
Before I jet, let’s
Take the guess work out of it,
So as to,
So as not to.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. "There's something happen here. What it is ain't exactly clear", line from a 60's song. There's wording like in the third graph that has me puzzled. Although, last two graphs seems to sum it all up.

    Is there insurance for feelings? I like and "Artists as there studio sits for them"

  2. Thank you. We'll take a look, might need to reshuffle.