Saturday, November 13, 2021

Love Machinations, or, Macadamia in Academia

"Ground Arrows + Hydrant" by Neil D. Novello (c)

An all-terrain love poem.
Plain and simple.
Believe you me.
Leagues are forming.

The first time our fleshes touched
I told her to take it easy.
Where there’s smoke 
There’s another dream date.

She collapsed laughing,
You are a deep dive.
We kissed.
Lips like loose beets.

And this is where,
Analyzing oral discourse,
Oralizing anal discourse,
We tongued and grooved,

Bodies dropped into the pillowy flatbread
Like a bronze dory and a
Bottle of hand crafted small batch spirits,
Floating to the bottom of the sea.

Between the best sheets you’ve ever known.
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  1. Wonderful piece; sensual with a dash of whimsy and imagery.

    Thank you for the use of the photo.