Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mini Maxi Macro Micro Multi-Acting All Allosteric In Situ

It's the virus talking.
It’s the traffic roaring.
It’s the ocean roiling.
Everybody has violated the rules
At one time or another.

It’s the cute summer outfits chattering.
Classic car show gabbing.
Crude oil nattering.
It’s the crusaders jawing,
It’s security chewing the fat.

It’s the service animals gossiping.
The techie czar coming clean.
It’s the clothespins lecturing.
It’s the metrics addressing.
Chipped nails signing for a manicure.

It’s the buffoons coding for fury.
It’s the old Lions recruiting,
Tawny manes, underarm and pubic hairs.
It’s the deceased giving the game away.
It’s the pregnant women out on base laying down the law.

It’s proyect managers proyecting.
It’s the neighbors yelling.
Yellow and pink hibiscus affirming.
A scientifically designed strawberry a├žai pronouncing.
Cinnamon sprinkles proclaiming.

It’s the blood thirsty president
With bloodshot eyes droning.
It’s the developers chirping.
It’s the pope pontificating.
It’s health experts tipping.

It’s the neighbors screaming.
It’s the bare shoulders preaching.
These days everybody walks on the minor stuff.
It’s the pharmacist tripping,
In person and at the point of sale.

It’s the placemats yakking.
It’s the ranch dictating.
It’s the striping contractor declaring.
It’s the tiny house uttering.
It’s the bare midriffs articulating.

It’s the compost authorizing.
It’s the virtual universe asserting.
The voluptuous saying their piece.
The vindictive raising their voices.
Board members belly aching.

It’s the celebrated murmuring.
The renowned mumbling.
The award-winning grousing.
The major figure moaning.
The living legend griping.

It’s the virgins baying.
The conceptualists bellowing.
Minimalists barking.
Songbirds howling.
Coxswains having their say.

It’s the orthodontists mouthing.
The hikers bawling.
The bankers blasting.
The resistance decrying.
Shouting how long has it been now?

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. What a wild verbal rollercoaster of a poem...It's liquid; it's robust; it's got music in it; it's visual. It's enjoyable each time I read it.

    A must for the new book...

  2. Thanks, for the comment and the suggestion.