Saturday, December 25, 2021

Calling All Madriguys and Madrigals

“Surf life every sweet second.”
Tom Morey.

Saffron and Sage Salon and Massage.
Affordable and practical.

One of the seven superfoods for a better night’s sleep:
World’s best jerky.

Cinnamon trees dreaming in black-market starlight.
Gooseberries dew bathing.

Jacqui, Claudia, Zu.
Hue ecru.

The lightbulbs that used to go off in people’s heads
Are inefficient anymore. 

Check the end to make sure it’s square
And then lop it off.

He put his foot in this one
A day early.

Most profiles on dating sites are fake or predators.
Believe it or not.

A martyred bull reddening the plaza St. Sebastian
Takes me back to Shinjuku.

Heart-shaped koi and sharp-edged lily pads
Make for crimson waters.

A magnificent hot air balloon

Subscription heal thyself.
This shit hits.

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