Friday, December 3, 2021

"While the Drowsy World Dreams On"

The reupholstered chair of the Select Committee for Accurate Symbolism
Was interrupted by next level sequencers
Making major announcements.
My inner straitjacket tells me there are no new symbols
Only new combinations.
Handcuffs around my waist remind me
Middle management is no place for
Command sergeant majors
Out herding cats with
Oat milk on their tongues.

A gaggle of legit luxury brands
Teeming with reward credits and wedding pictures,
Relentless, reinless,
Redeemed by mantras chanted on beads
Streamed along inroads 
Veering into very very land,
Got suckered into bearing honor
Not even gravity is heavy enough to endow.
The less attached the more
You are likely to swing.

Flirting with a barista in Buenos Aires.
Taking on the person of a character in a fantasy world,
I’ve already tagged the culture
Using one of the five best languages to fail in.
As though to say
I live in Active cash,
And my accounts are linked.
So repeat after me:
(In the same breath as Newton’s first law)
Always be refreshing.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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  1. I can see the Mad Hatter reading this poem in a Starbucks' after hour coffee shop. There's rhythm. A surreal quality.

    " My inner straightjacket tells me" so.