Friday, January 28, 2022

Carlsbad Boy

(after T.S.Eliot)

Between the release
And the reception 
Between the dragon fruit
And the mournful flute
Falls the app.
For thine is the Madonna and Child with iPad.

Between the workbench
And the altar
Between the barrio
And the salon 
Falls the motor pool.
For thine is the golf course turned bloody Antietam.

Between the Witness
Skate wax slickum on his hair
And the Scientist
Trained in fractals and dark matter 
Falls the eggplant parm.
For thine is the unintended consequence.

Between the post office
And the bank
Between the real-time data spreads
And the unisex tee market
Falls Carlsbad Boy, and boy
This guy’s a beast.

© 2022 Randy Stark
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  1. Not sure I'm following. T.S.Elliot I know very little. Cats, the musical is based on his work.

  2. I was trying to mimic the cadence of a T.S. Elliot poem "The Hollow Men" and update the references. I saw a terrific performance of "Cats" with great costumes and a live orchestra and the whole bit put on by a community theater group in Union City, Tennessee.