Saturday, January 15, 2022

Going Up?

Thank you for that question.
That’s a great question.
I love that question.
Where do I start? I mean
How do crazy people even know what bus to get on?

You might be wondering, 
What’s covered?
Will it work for me too?
Will it translate my Twitter presence to the big screen?
What do we tell the kids?

Oh wait. There’s more?
Do couplets have to rhyme?
Which travelcard has the most valuable miles?
Is devotion compatible with non-duality?
Does Michigan get into the top 10 if they win Saturday?

What causes are you passionate about besides the Black Queer experience?
What do you mean?
How did that happen?
Are some silver Kennedy half dollars
Worth more than others?

Do you believe in kicking off your week
With flash savings?
But everybody’s different, wouldn’t you agree?
Do you think Momo would go to the symphony with me?
Do you have any pets?

So before you hit Exit ask yourself:
What is it you enjoy about forklifts?
Why are so many woke 
Reading Randy Stark?
Then talk to your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

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  1. Funny. This goes into the commercial/advertising chapter.

    I didn't realize that "woke" was reading Randy Stark. These woke should be posting comments. Maybe they don't have the guts.

  2. I'm glad you thought this was funny. Sometimes it's just a matter of consolidating and repeating what one hears and reads.