Friday, January 7, 2022

Vengeful Ire

I’m bloated with vengeful ire.
My body eructates refrigerator noises
That have leeched into my food.

There’s mizzle on the lakes
Champlain and Pontchartrain.
My piss is split pee soup.

There are moments where I almost think
It’s not me thinking,
To name just a few.

I am a horse named Vengeful Ire,
Moving up along the rail at 30 to 1,
Like it was the personal care aisle.

Past Soothing Gel and Natural Scent.
Maximum Strength two lengths back.
Fast Powerful Guaranteed.

Like a new wave in pain relief.
Real relief.
Relief you can count on.

Relief from the crippling worries
Of today’s over-scheduled world, where
The last one not to be crossed is the winner.

© 2022 Randy Stark
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