Saturday, February 26, 2022

Share With Us

You know how when you hit the back of your head
And everything goes to the front
In a musk ox stampede?

So take us through timing belt specials.
Do we have to set our clocks back or something?
Is that the Disney bundle?

I'd love to hear more about 
Positive thinking in subzero temperatures
Mazurkas, poemes & impromptus.

If you go down to da reeever
Ees eet herd immunity or tinning the herd?
What should be my level of concern?

Share with us 18 million coffee beans
Freshly ground, freshly brewed
Serves how many perfect cups?

Talk a little bit about the  
Meditation garden gate being padlocked
Tell us why people sleep outside like exposed pipes.

Aren’t they aware today is street sweeping day?
Don’t they know time’s running out
To give to the annual matching grant fund drive?

© 2022 Randy Stark
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  1. Reading it out loud there's beat and rhythm and juxtapositions. I like it.

  2. It's that playwright in my DNA. Thank you.