Saturday, April 30, 2022

Expressive Activities


It’s Spring and Mabel Mercer singing Cole Porter songs.


I just finished reading Swan Dive, a 2021 memoir (and some funny behind the scenes observations) by NYCB dancer Georgina Pazcoguin.


Among the topics she covers is an issue I’ve long wondered about: “The success of The Nutcracker as a revered tradition in the United States is baffling,” she writes.  “The US is the only country that regularly performs a ballet that everyone else in the world considers unwatchable.”


Another pithy comment concerns a different ballet and a role she was apparently dissatisfied with: “The part was so incredibly mindnumbing,” she writes “that while sitting in the wings I was able to do my taxes.”


And speaking of wings and Spring and birds and things, Dorothy Parker was having none of it:  “Every year, back comes Spring, with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off .”

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  1. First "what happen"? with the comment section. The post comment section went from simple to a Google "whatever".

    I'm listening to Mabel's recording. It sound like she is in a nightclub singing this, just a piano and her. Very good!

    I like the very funny comment about "The Nutcracker". It reminds me that the US seems to adopt ancient Greek design for their institutions.

    Interesting place "Expressive Activities".

  2. Neil wrote the "anonymous" comment. As I mentioned, posting a comment went from simple to a convoluted list of options and URLs and profiles...

    I never had to "Learn more" just make a comment.

    Neil wrote this comment too.