Saturday, April 16, 2022

Hop-On Hop-Off



  1. Received my PDF copy of the book. As usual handsome clear printing.

    Thank you to the author for a credit at the end for what he considers some contributions. Again, thank you for that.

    I looked at the Kindle samples on Amazon and the text titles seemed bolder. Is that what the Kindle font looks like...bold titles? Is there a difference between the PDF and Kindle?

    Good work on this book.

  2. Thank you. I've noticed those discrepancies, too. Also if I view the PDF on my Kindle device the titles go into a really ornate font. Perhaps because in the original docx. file, the titles are formatted differently from the rest of the lines, that triggers some algorithm, something is recognized: poetry! all poetry looks like this! I'm guessing. Thank you again for your help.