Saturday, April 9, 2022

In case you missed it

 Black Lives Matter Releases Statement on Biden's 2022 Budget - Black Lives Matter



"There is a saying that says a budget is a statement of priorities. If that is true, then Biden’s budget is showing Black people that he couldn’t care less about saving Black lives."---from the statement above.

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  1. Not sure I'm following this post. Where's Biden's budget since the Black Lives Matter webpage didn't quote from it in their statement? (Also, I went to look at the BLM web page at two different times. The second time I had to go through a series of pictures to prove "I'm a human" on Cloudfare)

    Here's Biden's budget of 2022

    Biden has always been Law and Order no matter he says. His record corresponds with Republicans on police, jail time, and war. I'm surprised that BLM doesn't consult their history on Biden's voting record when posting...

    To me he is a DWTTTBVR Democrat Who Talks The Talks But Votes Republican. That's why Obama picked him.