Monday, July 4, 2022

Choice Bits: Independence Day edition

From Widespread Panic, a novel by James Ellroy.

“Hollywood will fuck you when no one else will.”

Plus, these epithets: “rump rangers,” “K-Y cowboys,” “snout trout,” “grasshoppers,” and references to a photo of Marlon Brando “with his mouth full.”

From Pussy, King of the Pirates, a novel by Kathy Acker.

“In those days, there were too many bodies for there to be such a thing as murder.”

“The viciousness of girls cannot be imagined.”

From “One Man at a Time,” a poem by laureate Tracy K. Smith in her collection Such Color.

There was one man I couldn’t resist.
He carried himself like the leader
Of a small nation whose citizens
Whispered about his extravagant wife

And brewed their own beer
In basements hung with forbidden flags.

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  1. Choice Bits is a favorite blog post feature of mine because of the introduction to writers of all genres and some great quotes.

    This edition brings two women poets/ writers new to me. Both fascinating and accomplished. The viciousness of girls and from Such Color highlights.

    Thank you for continuing with Choice Bits.

  2. Good good. I enjoy them as well. Thank you