Thursday, July 28, 2022

Shop Talk: Anecdotal

I was recently reminded being told this. Back around 1946, already famous from the huge Broadway success of The Glass Menagerie, the hot young playwright Tennessee Williams had finished another play, tentatively titled The Poker Night, and submitted the script to his agent. 

The agent, Audrey Wood, read The Poker Night and immediately sensed another blockbuster Broadway triumph; but, she said, the play needed a better title.

So, Ms. Wood took it upon herself to retitle The Poker Night. Then, just as she had predicted, the play opened to smashing acclaim, became a standard of American theater, and later a classic Hollywood film, known as A Streetcar Named Desire.


  1. And the rest of the story as per Paul Harvey Are all agents that astute?
    Neil D.

  2. Maybe more apocryphal than anecdotal.