Saturday, October 22, 2022

Rancho del Oro

A lifetime building my brand:
Balancing and disappearing acts
Set mostly in Mexican waters.

I was worth the follow,
But it’s been a minute.
My last 900 points expired. 

These days my body is only useful in 
Ridesharing my brain from Point A to Golden Donut,
Essentially a repository, a U-Pick

Of comprehensive mental health care,
Counseling, psychiatry, case management 
and substance use disorder treatment

For some tough motherfuckers
Who knew the score
Before the game

Had even been invented,
Like it was urgent 
Bitterly urgent.

I just downloaded Windows for Nutcases.
Despair grips me like four-wheel drive.
And I’ll be a witch’s anus

If I ain’t talking with images
And they ain’t talking right back,
Setting up my personal account to store 

My memories and all the forgotten keystrokes.
I swear on a stack of DSMs this is
The iBeginning of the iEnd.

© 2022 Randy Stark
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