Monday, November 21, 2022

A Sort of Energy Guide

Goose Creek, early spring, 
Cochineal ladders, cerulean trees, blushing blossoms,
Crows aglow with Cheetos and Sun Chips,
And snow still covers the distant mountains
Like cigarettes.

I’m sitting there going
Taxation without rebates is tyranny, 
All bitter after reading the “Winning” entry
And drinking abundantly
No more is buy more/save more cruel irony.

But you also have to eat, so there’s
The Horse of Knowledge and the Learned Pig.
You want to get like a bowl to go.
Happy medium.
Happier large.

Best Of the Best.
The greenest of dales.
The merriest of vales.
Prequels, sequels,
Posture, precision, and performance.

Talk confidentially of grammar.
Yesh, utenshil pleesh.
Wish is the present tense—but wush,
Wush is the contemplative, yearning tense.
I wush.

© 2022 Randy Stark
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