Monday, November 7, 2022

The 64 Hour Question

What up buttercup?
Do you or someone you know suffer from sustainability?
Is Western civilization anything other than holiday plans?
When was the last time you face palmed?

Why did he married me if he never love me? 
Why we created two kids? 
¿Por quĂ©?
That’s the 64 hour question.

Why God no speaks English?
Who is pay for doctor?
Where will this lead?
What would a thesaurus say?

Will I win today?
Did I or didn’t I do Iditarod?
Does peat moss?
What’s stopping you?

Who’s your go-to legendary rapper?
Why does that name ring a bell?
And what did you eat
You guys at the fair?

What makes you unique?
How important has that been?
What nasty odors do you really enjoy?
Is war inevitable?

Do you think?
And what was it like?
Can you believe?
And why or why not?

Might you?
Could you?
Have you?
Would you?

But why take my word for it?
May I suggest a grand jury?
Well then, don’t just stand there,
Empanel one.

© 2022 Randy Stark
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